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It’s our 38 years of being the # 1 largest family owned flooring store due to our passion for making customers happy! We will never forget it’s you, the consumer, that makes us a success!!

Look out… empire is back trying it again.. The buy one room get two free, you are obligated to pay the labor and pad which is almost three times more than our price… once again no bargain our everyday low price on a customers invoice comparison for the exact flooring was 25% less!!

  1. Beware Empire carpet is offering several rooms for free??

    Consumers are telling us they charge up to five times more for the first room so obviously it will cover the so called free rooms?? They also charge triple for the pad and labor.. Carpets Galore offers prices up to 40% Lower than Empire!! Once again beware of Free gimmicks. Comparison shoppers always choose Carpets Galore!!

  2. Beware

    We see the flooring stores that took customer deposits, never installed the materials, then closed their doors – they are now back opening up under a new name! This is disturbing that they are allowed a license again! Beware of new stores with no creditable references. We are proud to be 38 years strong with great referrals and AAA rating!

  3. Beware of competitor gimmicks that other flooring companies, home stores (Lowes & Home Depot), or R.C. Willey promise!

    A customer just notified us that Lowes is now selling carpet by the linear sq ft. instead of square foot. Beware This means you are paying 30% more for your carpet flooring!

  4. Competitors offering free installation:

    ‘FREE’ installation is disguised with a ‘must purchase the padding’ line: the pad is inflated at double the price to more than cover the cost of the labor involved. Additional charges for removal, take-up, etc. is added on: this brings the cost higher than if you didn’t get the so-called ‘FREE installation’.

  5. Buy two yards, get one free:

    Beware the price of the carpet flooring is increased or the amount of yards is inflated as to what is needed.

  6. Don’t pay extra for what Carpets Galore gives you for one low price

    Compare bottom line price – The owners, Bernie & Marilyn, guarantee: ‘WHEN IT COMES TO WALL TO WALL, CARPETS GALORE BEATS THEM ALL!!’

  7. R.C. Wiley tried to copy us, though they will never beat us

    A customer came into Carpets Galore with a sample of STAINMASTER carpet from R.C. Willey to compare our prices. Carpets Galore beat the price by 3 dollars a yard, which saved him a total of $500! They are advertising 39 dollar low cost installation?? So once again, the inflated carpet price more than paid for the so called 39 dollar installation. CARPETS GALORE’S bottom line price saved him over $700, he also advised us that they are trying to copy our “Carpet 3 Rooms for $599” special, however, they give you less yards. So once again, though copying is a form of flattery, they can copy us, but they can never beat us and 38 years has proven that we compete and beat every time!

    All flooring including STAINMASTER, Anso Nylon, and Smart Strand and all carpet, Bolero, Lifetime, Smartstrand, silk, and all flooring is more affordable at Carpets Galore on a daily basis. We don’t have sales, just everyday lowest prices!

  8. Beware of stores advertising 35 years experience

    Beware for stores advertising 35 years experience who has only been licensed a few years and works out of their car?? When we say over 38 years we been operating a successful business in Las Vegas for over 38 years built on extreme customer satisfaction referrals and repeat business!

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